Fiber Cement Board Fence


Walls made of brick fence kamprot finishing. The top using fiber cement board. Equivalent solid material fence two had character.

Kamprot finishing applications not just cover the walls. With kamprot view it, the fence appears rough cement mixed with sand grains. This fence was not just applying the finishing kamprot, but also fiber cement board. Be a combination of two different characters but coherent, ie, rough walls with patterned wood fiber board.

Cement fiber board was applied to the fence Paramita Sari Wykan numbers located in Kebayoran, South Jakarta. The sign is visible at the top of the brick wall was kamprot finishing it. Material was closed outer wall and in the bersebehalan the park.

On the floor in an area outside the fence there Sanseviera planter containing sp or tongue-in-law. On the inside of the burrow willow tree stands or widowed miserably. The presence of trees and plants to make the fence into the shade.

Fence along the 11m high and 2m were also proved resistant to weather changes. In addition, the content of materials consisting of cement, fiber, fiber, and minerals, making the board also disliked by termites and other insects. Cement board is not only beautify the fence, but also long-lasting

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